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Ok. Have to vent. This writing and book-publishing is getting scarily serious now.
In about 2.5 years I wrote 8 Hilda books and 3 steampunk books. I have a download-amount of the free books that is downright indecent (currently it stands a few over 135.000).
Hilda 8 has been *sold* over 70 times since January 5th of this year.
And since a week people are sending me e-mails, asking when Hilda 8 will be available in .

Yes, I am thrilled. Yes, I am happy and amazed and grateful. But I am also feeling weird. I never planned this. (But now it's happening and I don't want to let it go!)
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There you are!

Well, you know how life is. One minute you can have the world at your finger tips, and the next, you could be in ANOTHER WORLD! D:

So my advice is just to enjoy it and keep doing what pleases you and dun worry about 'letting it go'.