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The Magic Dinner

I have written a small 'report' on the evening where I was, for the first time in my life, invited to read something of my own work.

This is the first part:

The environment
The dinner was held in a wonderful ambiance. A nice building in an area that is not very crowded, owned by friendly people who try to make the atmosphere inside as gentle and welcoming as possible. And they succeeded in that. The dinner was held in a beautiful restaurant where about 25 people were seated.

The participants
During the evening, music was played by a very nice group of young musicians who go by the name of Cathain. They played folk music from Ireland, Hungary and many other countries.

There were two other authors present that evening. One was my friend Christian Turk, who is a cartoonist and author of a wonderful book called Faun. It was from that book that he read a story. The second author was Eire Rautenberg, who read a number of very interesting poems from one of her latest publications. And then there was yours truly, who read chapter 13 and 14 from Snow White Revisited. I had reworked those chapters into German for the evening.

If you care to read more, hop on over to the full post.
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I did read the full post, and it sounds like you had a wonderful evening. :-)

How's your new blog going?