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Paul ([personal profile] paganpaul) wrote2011-11-18 06:26 pm
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And the good news is...

that the books are in!

George R.R. Martin had a few hard-covers of a book of the Song of Fire and Ice series for sale. Hardcovers in Dutch, as it is a big book it comes in 2 volumes. Not very main stream I think. A friend tipped me off on them, as I had missed that post on his weblog.

I mailed his assistant Ty, bought a set, and today they arrived. :-)

The 2 books

Inscription 1

Inscription 2
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[personal profile] shinsetsu 2011-11-18 07:38 pm (UTC)(link)
It's always joyous to find JUST the book you have been hoping to find -- but previously couldn't. :)