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Dad's moving
It is all looking well. we went to see his new place last week Friday afternoon. It is really brand new, still unfinished, but very nice.

Dad's new place 2
This is the kitchen area, and on the left side is the small hallway to the central corridor.

Dad's new place 1
This compartment is a small inhouse conservatory, and the doors go to the bedroom and the bathroom.

Everything is set for moving on December 6th, I have his new phone number, so we can start doing something about sending cards to family and friends with his new address etc.

Yes. Of course.

I have been asked to assist in merging two systems. The accountant I work at now is merging with another one. They use the same software, but databases and such need to be combined. That is not something you just do, and they discovered by now that I know a trick or two. hehehe

Na'vi teaching
I think I am doing this right:

Ma karyu Pawl,

Thank you again for the homework. I appreciate your taking the time to work with me. I am unsure about the transitive-intransitive. I know I must have gotten a few of the sentences incorrect as I did not use "ur" or "ru" in any of them. Perhaps I may need a few more examples. I promise to take better notes.

I must tell you, your English is impeccable! I have had no trouble understanding you, nor you, me. Please let me know if I'm speaking too quickly though. Sometimes I do, and then my own parents have a hard time understanding me, LOL!

I'm loving my Na'vi lessons, thank you SO much.

If you can understand David Tennant as the Doctor, you are not easily thrown by someone who speaks fast. *big grin*.

Well, back to work. It's Friday. Roll on, pseudo-Saturday!

Storm of Swords
I bought a copy of George R.R. Martin's book Storm of Swords. It is a two-book hardcover version in Dutch. I can't believe it is a very wide-spread issue, and I am buying it directly from him. (Thanks Majkia for warning me about it!)


What this is? This is the cover of the first book of Hilda the Wicked Witch. The cover of the first PRINTED book of Hilda the Wicked Witch.

Last week I had a very enjoyable conversation with a friend, over dinner. Inevitably writing and books were part of the conversation. She told me that she would really love to read about Hilda’s adventures, but she is not the type for electronic reading. I admitted that I had attempted to get a paper version of Hilda’s first done, but all these attempts stranded in frustration and other unpalatable things. So I decided to give this publishing idea another go.

The proof copy is by now on its way to me...

Progress of this will be available readily at my author website. ;-)

Have a good weekend!!
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Your da's apartment looks super! :)