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Yes. Pagan through and through. A Bard in the OBOD Druid course, and will probably stay that forever, because I like it here. I don’t do rituals. Can’t stand them, basically, although since a while I can be in one as long as I don’t have to be an active ingredient.

Why do I bring this up? This evening, again, I found out that, while I don’t do rituals, I can write them pretty well. I just did something that is half ritualistic and half Bardic, and I am very very pleased with it.

I went over the interwebs to look at different kinds of mythology, for research, as I was writing a story-teller who has to tell the myth of origin of their (alien) people. I came across the Lakota mythology, used that, and I am so very pleased with the way the story came out.

Long time ago I had to write a ritual also, for another story. That actually came out so well that someone who read it told me it made her cry, so moving as it was.

Sometimes I feel like writing is my ritual.

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