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For work I wrote a complex SQL query that generates an even more complex SQL query.

Would you think I have a knack for SQL?
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Last thing before I left work, I found out that the new assignment is not for me. The customer opted for 'the other candidate'.
Right, so for now that means no suit and tie for me, and continuing to work on the cinema-software reports in easy trousers and t-shirts.

A bit of a pity, though, would've been nice to go out again.

<rant on>
What the frack is wrong with the combination of MS Sqlserver and MS C# in the MVC framework??
I built a query in Sqlserver that hands me 8 rows of consolidated data, the way I want them on the report. Easy peasy. Stuff like:

Avatar 2010-05-20 7 60,80
Avatar 2010-05-22 1 12,00
Prince of Persia the sands of time 2010-05-20 5 26,10
Prince of Persia the sands of time 2010-05-21 2 7,00
Prince of Persia the sands of time 2010-05-22 1 5,00

When I pull that in through the framework, for some insanely stupid reason the Microsoft framework shows me:

Avatar 2010-05-20 7 60,80
Avatar 2010-05-20 7 60,80
Prince of Persia the sands of time 2010-05-20 5 26,10
Prince of Persia the sands of time 2010-05-20 5 26,10
Prince of Persia the sands of time 2010-05-20 5 26,10

Quite cool but no cigar, as that is not what Sqlserver sends. I think. Because of the ridiculous architecture, I can't see what is sent. I only see that the context retrieves the faulty blurp. The only way I can make this right is to send all 60 rows of data across, unconsolidated, which then arrives on the framework spic and span, and do all consolidating in the report, using a few big handcoded functions.
Now 60 rows is not much, but this is test-stuff. When the thing goes live, we're talking about 100s of 1000s of rows of data, that can be consolidated in 8000 to 9000. Hello bandwidth!
<rant off>
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Today I had a bit of a surprise: my field manager asked if I could drop by (which is 1 floor up). I did so, we talked about PHP, MySQL and XML and then he said there is a possible assignment in the works, one that involves these things. That and a bunch of testing.

The offer for 'me' goes out today, and tomorrow I should be prepared to go on an intake talk. This is a 'should', so nothing solid yet. After a lot of ifs (offer accepted, intake goes well etc), there is a good possibility that I start that new (6 week) assignment coming Monday.

We'll see. It will mean, in that case, that my report-making job for the cinema software will be postponed or taken over by someone. In which case I wish the someone good luck.
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Had a call from my boss earlier (he actually interrupted me watching Sleepy Hollow, the nerve!).
We're meeting at a restaurant near here, around 12:30. He wants to talk / catch up with me.

Curious what this is going to be...--
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