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We left from Zaventem, the airport of Brussels. Not from Amsterdam's Schiphol this time, which suited us just fine.

The flight was delayed by 2 hours: the original plane had a technical problem and the ground crew was prepping another machine for us. All went well though, 2 hours and a bit later, we were in the air towards Marsa Alam on the Red Sea.

The difference of weather was magnificent. From snow and cold we came to sunshine and warmth. I can live with that, believe me. Another good thing was that the hotel was a mere 5 minutes from the airport, so getting there was super fast.

The hotel, the Resta Grand Resort, was brilliant. Nice place, friendly people, great food and very spacious rooms.

The first days consisted of doing nothing except laze in the sun and try not to eat too much. That worked pretty well.

The trip to Luxor was amazing. Both in length of day (pickup 3:20am, back at the hotel at 11pm) as in things to see. Karnak Temple was amazing, just as the Valley of Kings where we were allowed to go into 3 of the tombs, and the end was a visit to what remained of the temple of Hatsepsut, the first female Pharao.

I gave diving a shot also but that did not work out the way I had planned. I am not a great swimmer and not 'free' in the water. Add to that that I have not done any diving the last year (last one was in March last year in Bonaire). I just panicked as I went under water (happened at the initial diving course also). After a few tries I just went out of the water. No use in trying and ruining the dive trip for other people. I don't feel bad about it though. It was something to know, to realise, and to deal with.

I had hoped to take some pictures of the fish in the water near the hotel, but on the last few days there was a sandstorm and nobody was allowed to go into the water, unfortunately.

I have put some pictures of Egypt online here, for your enjoyment.

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