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Yes, despite the slippery roads and snow, the ice on the windshield and all that, I went line dancing again.

Not much, as I am still restarting there, but I'm glad the dance of last week still stuck. There was no "new" dance this week, but someone suddenly said "Oh there's a nice little dance to tag along with", so I got on the floor. The instructor did a quick walk-through, I picked it up reasonably. The dance is "Forgive and Forget".

Here it is.:

And here is the stepsheet, on Copperknob.

Line dance

Dec. 29th, 2009 09:48 am
paganpaul: (Dansen)
Last evening I tore myself away from Cyberspace and went outside, into the real world.
I found a new line dance club near here, paid them a visit before, and this time I had the opportunity to actually learn a new dance there. It is called "Crazy over me". Not a difficult dance, which is a good thing. I have been out of the line dance scene for quite a while, so stepping in with a simple dance is always a good thing.

Up here is a demo, and if you are interested, also a walk-through of the dance.

In case someone is interested, the stepsheet is available on Copperknob.

And yes, it was fun. :-)

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