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Dad (1)
I went to see Dad again yesterday. He's doing very well. He is pleased with the new housing arrangement, he feels well and looks well. He's really thriving, I dare say. He does not need his roller inside the house:
He told me his legs are getting stronger (no more stress about where he's going and all that, I am sure that helps). And he is glad he has his own coffee maker, as he said the coffee in the house is not so good. *grin*

Dad (2)
There were some bits and pieces of his other PC (the mini tower) to collect from his old apartment. It's almost up and running. Somehow the power cable for the monitor decided to take a break and refused to be found. Bro in law said, when I called him, he'd get another one over. Now I am going to see Dad again on Tuesday, so I'll call him before I go over and make sure there's a cable. Otherwise I'll take one along.

Yesterday I went to the fitness hall again. Things are working well with that training scheme.
An online friend warned me not to hurt myself there. I told her that I'd hurt others instead. Well, I also told my trainer about that remark. Response: "You don't need to hurt yourself. That's what I am here for."

We had some more in the last few days, and at the moment some light snow is falling. For a change.
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This is what I faced yesterday morning, after clearing the gallery once more.
A good thing is that it won't be freezing today, and tomorrow it will be well above freezing and we're supposed to have rain. That will take care of the white stuff. It looks pretty, but it's darned cold and dangerous.
Had a few interesting skids yesterday while I was out.

Last week I had a talk with a new sales-lady from the office, who wanted to get to know me a bit. She's working hard on getting a foot in the door with some city councils. There is one, she said, that's very eager to get going with a lot of IT projects, and she thinks I would fit in there quite nicely. I almost died laughing when she told me the city she was referring to is Venlo. It is the town I lived in for over 40 years,the same town I was glad to "escape from" 9 years ago when I moved to Cuijk. Isn't that a comic.
She said that she may know something more specific in a while, after the carnaval (which would make it towards the end of February). That's nice timing, because I'll be back from a diving vacation in Egypt (Marsa Alam) by then.

Well, lots of that of course, still not having an assignment. The main projects are Zoodi, the story I was inspired to write after seeing Avatar, Lester (a detective), and the fifth Hilda story.

Blue beams
Yup. I have a blue-ray player now. And it is fabulous. I watched 2 original blue-ray movies on it, and that is awesome. The imagery is so clear, the sound is so phenomenal.

I've also watched a regular DVD on it. I had heard and read that a blue-ray player will enhance the picture of a DVD. It does. I sampled a part on the DVD player, then watched the same bit on the blue-ray machine. It's true. And to the reviewer who claims that blue-ray is only worth the while with televisions larger than 40": PFFFFFFFFT!! Get a better small-diameter television!

Note: yes, I write blue-ray. blu-ray just looks wrong.

Television series
No, not actual tv-broadcasts. A lot of the good stuff only makes it over here on the torrent waves. I am watching Castle now (which is great for ideas for my detective), Primeval (which is just great), Burn Notice (as it comes along, also great), and 'The IT crowd' (fabulous IT nerdmanship and silliness galore). I gave Demons a try, but after 2 episodes I have lost interest. The demons themselves are nicely done, but it's too much Buffus the demon slayer.

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