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I want to own Blameless, the third book by wonderful writer Gail Carriger.
I also want to own it as an ebook. After all, I have an ereader, so that should make sense.

Diesel ebooks has the ebook. For $7. But of course I can't buy it as I am not in the USA. So I waited for the ebook to be in stock again (huh, did they run out of diskspace?) at

And hooray, today I had a mail from bookdepository that they have the book in stock again. For €8,14, which is more than $10. Must be the purchase price and the shipping costs of the harddisk from the USA to the UK, including the pay for the technician to install the disk and make it accessible. How dare they...
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The Bookseller reports:

Apple has been accused of censorship after four erotic novellas disappeared from the iBookstore chart. Yesterday morning the novella Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story by Carl East was topping the chart, with another title by East, Big Sis, second, and Six Sexy Stories by Ginger Starr, in fifth place. By the afternoon these titles had disappeared and had instead been replaced with the likes of The Perfect Murder by Peter James and The Third Man by Peter Mandelson.

According to The Times, the iBookstore "appeared to have censored its British chart after the Times made inquiries about how the list was compiled". However, Apple declined to explain the disappearance to the newspaper.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs announced in April he wanted the iPad to remain free of pornographic applications. In a similar move Apple removed “overtly sexual content” from iPhone App Store in February.

Apple did it again.
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I have left Twice I tried to purchase e-books through them, twice I got the notice that they could not sell to my country.

No need to keep looking at things I can't get from them. I really wonder why publishers do not want their publications to be bought. Is this a modern way of doing business and keeping up with the economic crisis? Do they think that people in the Netherlands are not able to appreciate something that is not written in Dutch? (Honestly, except for the Tmap NEXT book I have here I cannot precisely recall reading a Dutch book!)

I really, really don't understand it. Perhaps it has something to do with the amounts of money a publisher has to pay for selling something to Europe. I don't know if something like that exists, but it is the only thing I can think of.

Hello, Diesel E-books, here I come.
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I admit, the name is horrible to write. Simplicissimus.

However, it does what it means to do, in a most Simplicissimus way. Either using the website or the OpenOffice extension.

I like the OO extension better though, as that gives you immediate control.

Only for the interested... )
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If you have a text document that does not want to behave on your ereader, go to

There you can upload your document and select what ereader you want the output optimised for:
Currently: iliad, cybook/sony/bebook, readius.

The software will convert the file to a PDF and start a download on your end.
The download will contain a PDF and an odt (Openoffice) version of your document.
You can unzip the file and drop the directory or file directly into your reader. (I checked this, it works on the Sony PRS 505.)

There is a FAQ available at Here you can find out a lot, including all the file formats that simplicissimus can convert. Note that the link back to bookmaker is not working

There also is a downloadable OpenOffice extension available at the site. (Not tested that yet.) After installing (and restarting the wordprocessor) there is a Simplicissimus menu added. Exporting the document to the proper format is simple: Select the reader. A directory is made, the pdf is stuck in there, and that's that.

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