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I have to share this. I am happy about the place where I live.

A few times already, in the last few days, I passed a sign "Apples, 2 Kilos, 1 €". Beneath it, a large blue plastic basket with sacks of apples in it. Each 2 kilos. And a cup next to the basket. With Euro coins in it.

There was no one with the apples or the money, they just put it there and left it up to the honesty of the people passing by to pay for the apples.

Something very very simple like that makes me happy. I took a sack of apples. And left 2 euros.
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Here's a random picture I thought I'd share.
This is a signpost I passed this morning, as I was out on a 10km bike ride.
Schuttersweg means "road of the shooters". The "shooters" is a reference to the old shooting guilds. says:
Schutterij (German: Schützenverein) refers to a voluntary city guard or citizen militia in the medieval and early modern Netherlands, intended to protect the town or city from attack and act in case of revolt or fire. Their training grounds were often on open spaces within the city, near the city walls, but, when the weather did not allow, inside a church. They are mostly grouped according to their district and to the weapon that they used: bow, crossbow or gun. Together, its members are called a Schuttersgilde. It is now a title applied to ceremonial shooting clubs and to the country's Olympic rifle team.

The "Schutterij" is still very big in the south of the Netherlands, especially the provinces Brabant (where I live) and Limburg.

Right, St. Agathaweg is the road to St. Agatha, a very small village/community that falls under the jurisdiction of Cuijk. And obviously the Cuijkseweg is the road to Cuijk. Which is the one I took to get home and out of the strong cold wind. *grin*

Location of signpost
The red dot shows where the signpost is. :-) And I am slowly thawing, thanks to a wonderful cuppa tea.
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