Jun. 3rd, 2011 09:11 pm
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Book number 6, "Hilda - Lycadea" is officially available through Smashwords now.

The gory details:
ISBN: 978-1-4580-2772-6
Title: Hilda - Lycadea
Author: Paul Kater

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I have an e-reader. An electronic book. I love it and it's one of the best books I ever bought as I can stick loads of books on it.

However, at times it is very difficult to actually buy a book for it. For example, I want to buy Changeless, a book by Gail Carriger. For the Sony e-reader. Alas, I can't buy that, as the publisher does not allow that.

Does that mean the book can't be sold in the Netherlands? Wrong. I can walk into any bookstore and order the paper version. I can order the paper version from any webshop over the world. So it is not illegal to buy and read the book, it is just not possible to buy and download the electronic version. Does it sound wrong that I can order the paper version in the US and they will gladly ship it to me, while I can't buy the electronic version from that same US?

I wrote to Mrs. Carriger about this, and she replied with a very nice e-mail. She explained that nobody has purchased the rights to sell the e-book over here. So if I get this right, you can only buy an e-book here if the publisher has made money of making it possible to sell the e-book over here.

Clearly the original publisher does not want to get my e-book money, it wants it through a detour (by selling the rights to sell it). Yes, that is smart. Because now they don't have my money and also they don't have the money from the person who wants to sell it as there is not such a person.

Ergo, it is only possible to bring home a load of paper and ink, and pay shipping and handling, as I can't get a bytestream for the gadget I bought. Somehow I fail to see the benefits nor the logic of that.

So far I have written to two publishers, asking if they can explain the rationale behind this, but so far I have not heard back from any of them. I may have kicked virtual shins by stating that through this behaviour they are not keeping control of their market, but that this way of business is propagating piracy. The same mistake that the music industry made. Makes.

I want to give them my money for their book. Their e-book. I do not want to spend more of my money on their dead-tree book since I cannot load that on my e-reader. But I want the book. Luckily there are ways. But still...

This is sad. Very sad only...
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