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 It sounds simple. I think it is. And it is going to happen.

Last week I was away from home, off to Bristol for 5 days. I had close to no internet access there (did not want to pay €20/day for hotel internet, nor €10/MB for phone 3G, I know I am a cheap skate). And that was fine. Not all the time, but in general - it was fine. No facebook, no google+, no twitter, no journals, no nothing. All the time in the world for me. I read a lot, walked and talked with friends, did nothing, and it felt good.

After coming back home, the feeling of no internet was still there - it still is. And I have all the internet I can possibly want and need. So that makes the best of both worlds. Now, where does the simplification come in? It is in the chopping.

What I have now: 3 facebook accounts, a separate fb page, a google+ account and a page there, 4 twitter accounts, 2 journal accounts. Simple... but not really.

After the chopping some stuff will be gone. At least 1fb account goes, and Google+ goes.

Why? I gave up my volunteer work for an organisation because I had no more time for that. A lot of that time became sucked up by FB/G+/twitter etc. I had a Diaspora account for a while, that has already been eliminated.
The Google+ people will not like that. The people from the FB-to-be-dumped account will transfer to the normal FB account. Some people won't like that. Twitter? We'll see.

It really can be that simple. If people don't like it - I am sorry for them, but I like it, and these are my accounts. I do as I please. For they have to be there for my pleasure. It is, indeed, that simple.

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